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Tech Connect

The global community of Vietnamese professionals in the high-tech industry is coming together around the world galvanized by reports in mainstream media of the immense contributions the Vietnamese have made in the field of science and technology. There are reports of great success in the United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Japan, Singapore, Australia, Viet Nam and elsewhere. These successes, along with the steady advancement of Vietnamese into senior executive management at major technology companies and a growing investment community, is resulting in the unprecedented coalition of Vietnamese working together to create and expand business opportunities and relationships in the “digital” economy.

VSVN is committed to solidifying this bridge among Vietnamese professionals around the world and to bring all business communities together for the benefit of its members. On an annual basis and under the umbrella name “Tech Connect”, VSVN will organize events in different places around the world to connect professionals interested in exploring business opportunities in the Vietnamese high-tech community.