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Open Books, Open I.T.

Vietnam is poised to become the next provider of high-tech services and products to the world. However, education is critical to compete on a global level. The Open Books, Open IT program collects and provides English language books to students in Vietnam, who are known for their diligence, intellect and yearning for knowledge, yet they face chronic shortages of educational resources:

* 62% of the textbooks are in still in Russian

* 55% of the textbooks date from before 1980

* Books in English are so rare that they only can be read in the reading room

With overwhelming demand and limited supplies, accessing the English textbooks is almost as difficult as winning the lottery. The sight of students lining up diligently before dawn in long queues for the rare chance to read a modern English textbook instigated the launch of this project.

We seek college and professional level books as well as reading materials (both new and good used (after 1998)) in fields as outlined below:

Engineering, Mathematics, Economics, Computer Science, Agriculture, Fine Arts, Natural Science, Management, English & Literature, Scientific Journals (after 2000), Medicine/Health, Dictionaries (current), and Encyclopedias (most recent).

By making more high quality books available to students, we not only strengthen their intellectual development but also help contribute to Vietnam’s efforts to build a sustainable information technology industry.